Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can you build a case to fit a...?
A.  Left Coast can build a case to fit anything and everything that you need to protect.  We design and build our cases around the equipment.

Q.  How much is a...?
A.  A case price can be approximated using the dimensions of the item.  Options such as casters, baffles, premium colors, thickness of wood, etc. will affect the overall price.  Call or e-mail your requirements to us and we will get back to you with prices and options.

Q.  Do you have the measurements of a... or do I have to measure it?
A.  We can build to dimensions supplied by the customer but any discrepancies that result in an improper fit will not be the responsibility of Left Coast.  Simply put, donít trust web pages, manuals or your own dimensioning.  If you want it to fit perfectly, let us measure it.

Q.  How long does it take to get my case?
A. Depending on production schedule it typically takes about 10-14 working days for your case to be manufactured.  Cases can be produced in 1-3 days, but a 15% expediting charge will be applied.

Q.  How much does my case weigh?
A.  Case weight depends on many factors, construction (thickness of wood), options (casters, baffles, etc.).

Q.  Are options included in the cost of the case?
A.  No. Case options, i.e., casters, locks, shipping plates, rear rack rails, tie downs, etc., must be added to the cost of the case.

Q.  Can I have my company name stenciled on the case?
A.  Yes. Stenciling is available for an option fee. Custom silk-screened logos are available for an additional cost.