Although thousands of bands release CDís each year, pay attention to the long-awaited CD release of LEFT COAST, entitled ďWorlds of MysteryĒ.

The history of LEFT COAST is a story of insight and perseverance.  The founding  members co-wrote and produced the material leading to the unique and progressive sound they envisioned.  Joined by a talented array of musicians, the LEFT COAST sound evolved.

This CD represents immeasurable qualities of musicianship, lyrical composition and studio techniques.  LEFT COAST'S powerful blend of rock and jazz, along with a hint of fusion, creates a sound similar to groups like Rush, Yes and Queen, drawing on vocal styles similar to David Bowie, Peter Murphy and Bono of U2. 

Buy ďWorlds of MysteryĒ and experience the power.  CDís can be purchased online through this Web site.  

Note:  For optimal enjoyment, donít be shy to turn up the volume!