Worlds Of Mystery Reviews

German Translation

The whole album is solid and put in a nutshell.  The band attaches great value to recognized melodies and takes a lot refrains.  The ambitious work is to praise.  This production rocks!



  Bob Mulvey
An album of many facets and covering many genres of music, all of which are well written, well produced ... 

George Roldan
This is a wonderful CD that is very listenable and well written.  They deliver the goods in the form of their music ...

Matt Rink
Featured Review for August 2002
Heartfelt vocals, precision playing, and wondrous melodies all meet to make for an impressive introduction to the music of Left Coast ...

Regular Review
... this charged up debut has enough melody, maturity, and fire to constitute a formidable release within the realm of progressive rock. Touching ballads, delicate rockers, and spirited instrumetals combine to make Worlds of Mystery, a truly unique and enjoyable offering.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
I absolutely love the progressive rock that I can call savagely beautiful, and that is exactly what their music is ...

Michael Popke
This impressive slab of Rush meets Bowie landed on our desks a bit past its 2001 copyright date, but Worlds of Mystery merits mention.  These five guys keep you guessing about what’s coming next.

Jedd Beaudoin
Left Coast are among the most intriguing bands to have crossed these ears this year ...  A highly recommended, highly listenable affair ...

German Review
A well balanced mix between melodic progressive rock and A&R elements.  A professional production and interaction between the sophisticated musicians.

Fred Trafton
Left Coast is a band that plays a broad range of different styles ranging from prog metal to arena rock to power ballads to "adult pop" AOR tunes, all very tasteful and well performed, and all with a proggy edge to it

Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira
"Worlds Of Mystery" represents immeasurable qualities of musicianship, lyrical composition and studio techniques. An inventive Progressive Rock band ...

Peppe di Spirito
The pieces are not particularly long, but they are very structural between calm changes of time and vibrating humor that favor alternating itself of resonance and moments very tranquil.

From San Diego comes this first recording of a band with promise.  Progression magazine gives Worlds Of Mystery performance 4 out of 4 stars.    

Denis Taton
... this American production from San Diego is at least very easy to approach, with a very good overall aftertaste.